Face the real face of Ford Brazil

FORD and the dealer Barrafor did not agree to reimburse or replace a Rusty Ford Fusion that was sold as brand-new.
Both companies were processed in Brazil court.

Hard to believe that a company that was the first to manufacture a car behave in such a way - FORD Brazil / Barrafor sold me a car full of corrosion, with mechanical problems, as brand new !
See the pictures - and contact the author at 1@faceford.com

Our BAD experience with Ford and Barrafor in Brazil

Rust is all over the Ford

All we wanted was to purchase a brand-new car. We chose FORD FUSION - the car looked nice and the brand name FORD gave us a reason to believe that an honest company manufactured this car. WE WERE WRONG.
Apparently FORD sold us a brand new car, but gave us a car with faulty braking system, full of corrosion.
It took us few days to understand the severe status of the car - the corrosion was all over the mechanical parts of the car. The Pictures tell all the story.

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